Political Vendetta News Network – Who We Are

Defining Vendetta

Political adversaries today, compete for the ultimate control of legislation in order to promote their political interests. The media, meanwhile, merely “entertains” the general public with domineering views of each and every side. Politics is not a game played by parties of both sides, but rather, an essential part of our lives, where the underlining issues serve as the focal point. Rather than seek vengeance, education can help resolve current political problems. Scholars, from all walks of life, have the ability to heighten society’s perspective and enhance our mind. Therefore, the power to change policy resides with the people, and education is the first step towards strengthening that power.

Our Vision

To re-energize our Democracy by empowering Americans with the passion to act and enact public policies. 

Our Mission

To channel the ambitions of young scholars and enact public policies, our goal is to inform, inspire and impact social changes.

Who We Are

PVNN or Political Vendetta News Network,  is a non-profit, 501c3 organization, made up of young and passionate scholars from all walks of life. From our political affiliations to religion beliefs and different cultural upbringings, we are diverse, but our mission is the same – to Inform you of the major issues that affect us (financially and socially) and to provide recommendations, so we can Inspire you to act and Impact the world around us.

What We Do

Through published articles, podcasts and videos, we provide a platform for the best and brightest scholars different universities to speak and write on important policies. From social issues such as the healthcare, the environment and immigration, to fiscal issues such as debt reduction, tax policy, pensions and budgets, we address the underlining problem(s) and focus on solving the tension (or what we call “vendetta”). By providing sound arguments, our contributors also play the devils advocate to showcase the counter arguments. Lastly, our contributors provide options and realistic solutions for implementation. 

Policy Corner is our main segment for articles. There, each and every article tackles a specific issue; providing statistics, facts and examples, as well as links and petitions for social action. PVNN does not hold or endorse any one viewpoint, but rather, we showcase a spectrum of viewpoints to innate dialogue and encourage social action. 

Contact us

Phone: (657) 464-PVNN
Email: info@pvnn.org