Vijay Vaswani – CEO & Founder


PVNN's Vijay VaswaniVijay Vaswani is the Founder and CEO of PVNN Inc. (NPO). As an academic and entrepreneur, he obtained his Master’s degree in International Relations and American Politics from Pepperdine University, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing and Political Science from CSU-Northridge, and an Associate’s degree In Liberal Arts and Sciences from LA Pierce College. At Pepperdine, he resided as Student Body President, where he helped grow student opportunities and involvement by over 600%. He collaborated with various charities to help raise over $100,000. It was also at Pepperdine where Vaswani started and ran his live radio show called the Political Vendetta Radio Show; soon after, he transformed it into what we know today as PVNN Inc.. 

Currently, Vaswani is also a Business Instructor and Consultant. He teaches students and entrepreneurs the effective and modern ways to communicate, standout and make a difference. Throughout Vaswani’s career, he has focused on learning and combining his communication, marketing and public policy backgrounds. Vaswani believes for society to evolve – through changing laws and policies – proper communication is vital.  Through the creation of PVNN, Vaswani believes the media has an obligation to the common person, to obtain and convey comprehensive news and information in simplistic ways and outline plausible solutions for implementation. No matter the viewpoint, it is the passion behind the policy that is important to understand. Vaswani seeks “To channel the ambitions of young scholars and activists and enact public policies”.


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