Who We Are

Defining Vendetta

By knowledge, not age comes wisdom. Through passion, not power comes progress. Through policies, not politics comes change!

The United States has long been known as a beacon for the world, and although our achievements are great, there is a great divide obstructing us from reaching our full potential. America is a diverse nation made up of people from different backgrounds, educational levels, ideologies, and socio-economic statuses; it is this diversity which gives us our competitive advantage in the world. However, due to the broken promises and biases of our officials and mainstream media, our system has become disenfranchised, forcing Americans to lose faith, and igniting a political vendetta of sorts. As a result, politics has become a dirty game where “We the people” have been left behind. Just as a pendulum swings from right to left, our officials and electorate changes, yet the issues that affect us still remain. Politics is not a game to be played by political parties, but an essential part of our lives. Thousands of laws exist that affect us; be it health care, immigration, gun control, environmental issues, our liberties, and national security, every issue is a financial matter that affects us. For the progress of all people and all policies, we seek to fight this injustice and re-energize our democracy.

Our Vision

To re-energize our democracy by empowering Americans with the passion to act and enact public policies. 

Who We Are

PVNN Inc. or Political Vendetta News Network is a 501-C(3) nonprofit news media that publishes news and policy recommendations to Americans worldwide. Our mission is to channel the ambitions of young leaders and help eliminate our political vendetta (conflict). Instead of giving power to those who already have it or misuse it, we provide a platform for society’s most passionate and knowledgeable, in order to inform, inspire and impact social changes.

Be it a nurse or therapist who is well-versed on healthcare or mental health policies, an IT or gaming professional who understands AI, cybersecurity or technology, an Entrepreneur who is a finance or business expert, or a social activist who seeks change in our environmental, educational and civil laws, we are a body of experts (a Think-Tank) that does outreach to every community. We are not politically affiliated but rather passionately inspired to educate and enhance our society. We create, publish and promote policy material(s) to Americans worldwide. We accomplish this by providing credited internships, scholarships, and work opportunities to young scholars and veterans. The money we receive is spent on funding those internships and scholarships, and on research, outreach, technology, and equipment.

What We Do

  1. We inform Americans worldwide on current news and public policies and provide solution-focused options through uniquely tailored articles, videos, and social media posts.
  2. We inspire Americans to get involved by outlining the direct social and fiscal effects of those policies.
  3. We impact our society by providing plausible recommendations to legislation and social resources in order to collectively progress and strengthen our democracy.