Who We Are

Defining Vendetta

By knowledge, not age comes wisdom. Through passion, not power comes progress. Through policies, not politics comes change.

The United States has long been known as a beacon for the world, and although our achievements are great, there is a great divide obstructing us from reaching our full potential. America is a diverse nation made up of people from different backgrounds, educational levels, ideologies, and socioeconomic statuses; it is this diversity that gives us our competitive edge in the world. However, due to the broken promises and biases of our officials and mainstream media, our system has become disenfranchised, forcing Americans to lose faith, and igniting a political vendetta of sorts. As a result, politics has become a dirty game where “We the people” have been left behind. Just as a pendulum swings from right to left, our officials and electorate keep changing, but the issues that affect us all still remain. Politics is not a game to be played by political parties, but an essential part of our lives. Thousands of laws exist that affect us; be it health care, immigration, gun control, environmental issues, our liberties, and national security, but social every issue is a financial issue that affects us, too. For the progress of all people and all policies, we seek to fight this injustice and remove this political vendetta.


Who We Are:

PVNN Inc. or Political Vendetta News Network Inc. is a 501-C(3) nonprofit digital news media. Our mission is to inform new and disenfranchised voters about the political policies and process in the United States and give them the tools to participate in our democracy. Our vision is to increase civic engagement in the United States for (educated) voting, volunteering, and or participation in social activism so America can better represent all its citizens. *We are not politically affiliated but passionately inspired to share diverse solutions on social change. 


What We Do:

Through our online publication (website) and social media platforms, we: research, create, publish, and promote policy memos, articles, and social media posts on a variety of domestic, international, social, and fiscal issues that affect Americans.


Who We Work With (Our Team):

We are a body of experts (a Think-Tank) that does outreach to different communities. We work with young scholars and veterans who have an academic background or professional experience in a given policy area. Whether IT professionals in Cyber Security or AI, nurses in Healthcare, psychologists in Mental Health, teachers in Education or grassroots leaders in civil, religious, or environmental rights and beyond, we work with a variety of policy professionals, so any important issues, options, and policy solutions come directly from the source.


Who We Serve:

We cater to non-voters, non-registered voters, and voters who feel overwhelmed by the overflow and overkill of information by the mainstream media. We seek to simplify the news and policies in creative and understandable ways for our audience and put the focus on how we can act to resolve our political vendetta (tension). Our goal is to keep things bite-sized so Americans can better engage in a dialogue on the issues, join a social action group based on their individual beliefs, and or vote itself.