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Eliminate Our Political Vendetta

In a country where good policies are tainted by “politics” and news media are swayed by political parties and special interest groups, who are the leaders that display the passion, compassion, and a resilient attitude towards a better America? Young Scholars and Veterans.

Channel Their Ambitions

Did you know every year in the United States, almost 3 million students graduate with a Master’s, Bachelor’s, and or an Associate’s Degree, but only 27% of them apply their degrees in their profession? (Nscresearchcenter, Ibid, WashingtonPost) These scholars come from top fields such as Education, Business, Healthcare, Criminal Justice, Liberal Arts, Mental Health, and more. (collegefactual)

If knowledge is power, and education is the key to our success, then there is a great deal of power and success that we are not channeling into. Young Scholars are aspiring leaders and specialists in their fields; together, their academic achievements, personal experiences, and youth make them the best people to obtain and deliver solutions in creative and understandable ways, and without bias. Unlike politicians, young scholars are dedicated to the progress of all Americans.

Re-Energize Our Democracy

Similarly, Veterans, given their rigorous training on the field, and being in critical conditions, exemplify honesty, strength, commitment, discipline, and leadership like no other. They put America first by protecting us and allowing us to freely live out our American dream. Regardless of their political ideologies, they are life-long patriots, who were, are, and will continue to be committed to the progress and safety of all Americans; however, their passion and potential are disregarded and underutilized.

We all support our troops when they serve, but how do we treat them when they come home? Over 50% of veterans are more likely to become homeless than other Americans, and this is partly due to the lack of supporting-networks, to utilize their knowledge, skills, and expertise. (HuffingtonPost)

When our veterans put themselves on the line, and have served to protect our liberties every single day, we must give them more than a single Veteran’s Day.

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