Political Penthouse: Leaders for America

The penthouse. High above the rest, towering in the sky, it is a spectacle with breathtaking views. On the highest peak, it stands boldly, clearly, and prominently like no other. In many ways, it is a symbol of achievement and prestige. But, how does such a landmark reach a pinnacle? It is the strong foundation beneath the surface and a vision of high standards above.  Similarly, for the upcoming Presidential Elections, we all want to see the United States to be at the top and be a beacon for our citizens, communities, and the world. We may have different opinions on what to build for our nation and the policy-levels from the floor up, but as we choose a leader, look at their roots; it will be the foundation that will help us rise.

A foundation’s fundamental qualities are made up of passion, compassion, humility, consistency, honesty, and faith (hope). They are the core values that allow us to stand and enact laws, create change, and progress; we may disagree on the surface, but our ground is our common ground. Think of a church, temple, mosque or lab, a business, home, school, or slab. They are all distinct entities, filled with diverse people and chiefs, and with different purposes and beliefs, but they are all created on the same foundation.

Likewise, America, too, has political diversity. Whether it’s for: healthcare, immigration, or the environment, social justice, religious freedoms, or our national security, the numerator may change on policy and perspective, but the common denominator is us. We are all Americans.

For the United States to be united, every person’s viewpoint must be fairly examined without judgment. There are some genuine conservatives who believe that life begins at conception and that the unborn child must be protected. There are some honest liberals that believe love is love, and no one should judge who they should marry. There are some sincere moderates who believe in gun rights and the 2nd Amendment but yet feel that not all guns are created equally nor should be granted to everyone.

Every social issue matters, because democracy matters. Though, it is important to note that every issue is also a financial issue that affects our wallets, too. Like a game of pick-up-sticks, no issue can be discussed without considering its effects on another; there are always trade-offs. Whether Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, the “right” or “left”, there are fair and important debates to have on what policies to implement. However, in selecting a leader for the United States,  know that more than the policy-agenda they may hold, look at the ground that they stand on. They may appeal to you on the big issues, but if they do not have the compassion, consistency, humility, truth, and beyond, whatever they say or built will collapse. So, for the sake of our nation, look towards the leaders that embody these values first.

When the floor is set, then look towards leaders who have a clear vision and high standards. Standards are the consistent ideals that transcend time; they are the ceiling of our highest peak.

However, different leaders have different beliefs, but they give us insight into what they seek to build. Religious people hold their scriptures like the Bible, to be their standard. Scientists hold tested/proven theories/hypotheses to be their model; historians look at history to guide them, while constitutionalists look at the Founding Fathers to guide them. No one-standard fits all, but it is crucial to have.

Now, we may disagree with the standards of some leaders’ or even see them as wrong. On the other hand, we may observe their “good” standards, but see them often strayed away from. Regardless, standards are the summit that allows us to rise. However, we must be careful of those who consider themselves to be the standard. Just as people change, so do their opinions. Therefore, standards are not people themselves nor their opinions; they are the unwavering principles that allow us to make decisions.

So, with the upcoming Presidential Elections or the next, know what matters the most. Yes, the candidates’ political stances should be considered, but no agenda can stand or withstand time without a foundation first.

We all seek for America to be the penthouse, but we need to vote. Vote for the candidate(s) with the strongest roots and those who keep a clear vision to help us rise. No candidate is perfect, but also no candidate is equal to one another. More than the policies and parties the candidates’ affiliate with, vote for the person(s) who has the highest degree of standards and that has a foundation built on passion, compassion, humility, consistency, honesty, and faith.

?? Voting Resource: https://www.healthyvoting.org/ 



Vijay Vaswani is the Founder and CEO of PVNN Inc. He earned a dual Master’s degree in International Relations and American Politics from Pepperdine University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing from California State University, Northridge. As an American Independent and Entrepreneur, he seeks to inform, inspire, and impact social change. By publishing articles that creatively focus on the root of an issue and its respective solutions, he believes we can eliminate our political vendetta.