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Supreme Court Shake-Up: Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee and The Balance of Power

On Wednesday, June 27, 2018, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy shook up American politics when he announced his retirement. into ...
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Cabinet Chaos in Trump’s Administration

Donald Trump has been president for a little over a year and when it comes spectacle he has not disappointed ...
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Aptitude vs. Affluence: Educational Inequality in America’s Most Diverse City

Inequality in New York City schools have been the focal point of intense debate. Mayor Bill de Blasio is considering ...
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Tax Dollars at Work: Why The School Choice Battle Matters

The Trump administration’s education policy has focused on the expansion of school choice or the idea that public funds should ...
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  • Sunk judicial pick spills over into Supreme Court fight July 20, 2018
    Democrats are seizing on the failed nomination of Ryan Bounds, President Trump’s unsuccessful circuit court pick, as they look for leverage in a fight over confirming Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.Democrats say Bounds’s nomination, which was...
  • Congress won't block Trump's deal to save Chinese telecom giant ZTE July 20, 2018
    Lawmakers have reached an agreement to strip a provision from the must-pass defense policy bill that would have sunk President Trump's deal to save Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE.Two congressional sources confirmed to The Hill on...
  • Senators want committee vote on Russia sanctions bill by early August July 20, 2018
    Two senators are stepping up their efforts to advance Russia sanctions legislation, asking key Senate committees to hold a hearing and then vote on a bill by early next month."The Senate has the opportunity to highlight to the American...

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  • Just the Facts: Americans with Disabilities Act July 12, 2018
    While overall civil rights cases have declined, cases brought under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) have increased three-fold in recent years. Filings in three states – California, Florida, and New York – account for a significant number of the civil rights cases filed under the ADA. You can find out more in this new […]
  • 2017 Wiretap Report: Orders and Convictions Rise June 28, 2018
    Federal courts reported a 30 percent increase in authorized wiretaps in 2017, compared to 2016, and state courts reported an 11 percent rise, according to a newly released Judiciary report. 
  • National Lab Keeps Officers One Digital Step Ahead June 27, 2018
    A robotic arm gestures across a tablet screen, using sophisticated software to try to crack a geometric passcode. Drones and flash drives lie dissected on a workbench, while a state-of-the-art computer scans a hard drive. This isn’t the CSI Crime Lab, it’s the Eastern District of Missouri’s National Forensic Laboratory.

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