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  • Housing Discrimination Lingers On
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    After San Francisco was devastated by the 1906 earthquake, an infamous tide of racial restrictions in deed covenants were instituted to limit the unprecedented growth of Japanese residents in formerly all-white communities. [1] In response to the post-war mass migration of African Americans to Baltimore from rural regions, the city sought to protect white middle […]

  • Federal Corruption
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    [captionpix imgsrc=”https://pvnn.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Screen-Shot-2015-06-17-at-6.44.07-PM.png” captiontext=”Photo courtesy of therundownlive.com”] Recently California has been experiencing minimum wage increases in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Indeed, the minimum wage has increased tremendously in a span of fifty years, from one dollar in 1956 to fifteen dollars today. While the minimum wage hike seems progressive, the money value would […]

  • Utilizing Non-Violence
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    [captionpix imgsrc=”https://pvnn.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/dianeburma.jpg” captiontext=”Photo courtesy of Global Solutions”] In terms of the insurgent campaigns, there are particular circumstances that influence strategic choice. Insurgents will choose non-violence when they see that violence has failed them.[1]  Insurgents will also choose their strategy based on their desired outcomes, as violent tactics are usually utilized by groups seeking territorial power, […]

  • The Digital Clash
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    [captionpix imgsrc=”https://pvnn.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/brianencrypt.png” captiontext=”Photo Courtesy of DavidIke.com”] In late 2014 the two largest smart phone and tablet operating systems and their developers, Apple’s iOS[1] and Google’s Android OS[2] committed themselves to customer privacy and security. The two companies announced their decision to encrypt the smart phones and tablets sold by default. When a device is encrypted […]

  • The Hidden Costs of Free Internet
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    Early this year, the Federal Communications Commission voted to prevent Internet service providers – including Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner, and more – from blocking, throttling, and prioritizing, websites and services. Considered a watershed moment for open-internet activists, the vote marked a victory for what is called “Network Neutrality.” Those in support of an open-internet, where […]

  • Crossing a Line: Creationism
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    What educators teach in the classroom can influence the religious or political beliefs of young students. However, often at times, the curriculum may go against such beliefs of the student’s household, which may then become a concern for parents. As a result, there has been a push from various groups, such as evangelicals[1] and Texas officials, […]

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