In Remembrance: Facing Terrorism

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We are quickly approaching the fourteen-year anniversary from the day when the United States was under attack for the first time in its history. As time passes, the events that unfolded seem like a distant memory. The country remains fighting a war that does not distinguish its enemies and does not offer any closure. Sadly, in the United States, the war became a means to an end itself. The repercussion from these actions are still affecting the country today, tearing it apart and weakening it to its core. The question at hand now becomes how to continue fighting the war on terror without adverse consequences to the well-being and foundations of our country.

The events of 9/11 have been permanently etched in our memories. Yet at the same time, there is an eerie sense of forgetfulness and consuming slumber that has spread throughout our country. Americans are accepting changes that are well beyond the bounds of common sense. One side harps about the other voting our country’s rights away, while the other targets the opposing side as traitors and morally bankrupt parasites.

In between these two sharply polarized groups is the half-witted, backwards power base that have been ravaging our country for well over a decade. These people have in the name of war, attacked a country under false pretenses, bankrupted our treasury, and succeeded in agendas that bundle the sacrificing of the rights of terrorists with  every day, unassuming Americans.  It is natural for wartime economies to focus specifically on protecting national interest. Yet this war has a hidden enemy and one that did not require massive mobilization. Obviously mobilization was fabricated, in Iraq at least, and with it came a squashing of the first amendment. President Obama’s tenure has not fulfilled many of the promises behind the momentum of his inspiring campaigns. The majority of his promises have ended in compromise with some success in certain avenues and broken promises in others.[ref]“Promises about Civil Rights on The Obameter,” The Obameter: Campaign Promises That Are about Civil Rights, September 9, 2015, accessed September 9, 2015,[/ref]

In the last 14 years our military spending has increased exorbitantly while the strength of our military has weakened, leaving us more vulnerable. The military budget in the United States has increased to over $600 Billion dollars a year.[ref]Dinah Walker, “Trends in U.S. Military Spending,” Council on Foreign Relations, July 15, 2014, accessed September 9, 2015.[/ref] President Obama decided to end occupation in both Iraq and Afghanistan before it could drag on, and become another Vietnam. In essence his judgment was warranted as our country could not afford dragging out the war. Yet only oil seemed to profit from these ventures and fewer and fewer people are thinking otherwise.

Many rumors came about following 9/11 stating that it was a fabricated event. It is almost impossible to prove and more difficult to dwell on. Despite what it was a conspiracy, it remains as a moment that changed the country forever. One thing that can be said is that there is a force in this country that has worked against the foundations of what the United States was built upon. This force has held the country captive for over a decade now, and needs to be stopped before the country is run to the ground.

“Loose Lips Sink Ships” is the motto – do not jeopardize the national security of the country. Those lips, however, usually pinpoint injustices by the government done to its people. Government whistle blowers such as Edward Snowden who exposed the National Security Agency (NSA) Prisms data mining program to the Washington posted are still being heavily pursued in the name of national security. [ref]Lindsay Beyerstein, “In Defense of Publishing Leaks,” Reuters-Blogs, June 14, 2013, accessed September 9, 2015.[/ref]

This is a war, there is not denying –  it is a long drawn out war, but it is a small war.  It was blown out of proportion, to profit a few distinct people, and now those people are riding the country into the ground, as if it was the Roman Empire paying for its loose morals.

With an election upcoming in 2016, people need to seriously think about who will protect their rights and not cater to the power base. A conversation should take place in the media about campaign promises, and how politicians should be held account if not for only this issue. Equally important would be a revamping of the policy of both Homeland security and National Security for Terrorism. Policy should focus on what it means to find terrorism without baiting the public. This war is closer to home than other war in history. But it is also one that has no strong organized statehood other than the ones who we financially or politically tied to.  We should recognize that the threats of invasion and massive mobilization are smaller in respect to finding terrorist and find them by legal and responsible means, like we had done years before President Bush neglected the threat of the Taliban.

The anniversary of September 11 is a sorrowful, yet uniting event. Every year Americans choose not to forget. This unity is important and should not be ignored as we progress and contemplate our country’s future.

Take Action:

Global Counterterrorism Forum is a site citizens to stay informed discuss issues and find ways to take action to stop terrorism.

“Open Secrets” is a good forum to see who is pushing legislation that is contrary to the constitutional rights of most Americans.



Paul Minassian is a graduate of Whittier College. He has been teaching Social Studies for some time now. He and has participated in two campaigns and enjoyed the process tremendously. He likes the news of the world but now is solely focused on three domestic issues: the Elections, The War on Terror, and the Economy. Paul's political leanings are Progressive. He believes in fiscal conservatism, but does not like to see the government neglecting it's citizens, or intruding upon their lives.