Round-Up Friday-Week of August 26, 2016

6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Central Italy-Death Tolls Rise to 268, State Funeral Planned

A massive 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit multiple cities in Central Italy on Wednesday, August 24th. The cities are currently in rubbles, with many still trapped underneath the collapsed buildings. Many have been found dead, among miracles that babies and children were found and rescued alive. The damage has seen the death toll rise to a staggering 268 people, which has begun preparations for a state funeral for 40 of the dead. The earthquake is being described as one of the most destructive, with towns and villages being reduced to rubble.

Tropical Wave Causes Much Ado, Florida’s 11 Year Hurricane-Free Streak seems to Continue

Earlier in the week, many at the National Hurricane Center and on many Weather Stations in Florida were warning of a strong system that was headed in the immediate direction of Florida, threatening to most likely end Florida’s 11 years of being Hurricane Free. As the week wore on, meteorologists have said that the storm has weakened and disorganized significantly. The storm has also shifted positions, leaving Florida almost entirely out of the cone of danger. Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez called the preparations a “pretty good dry run.”

Devoted Couple Married for 62 Years forced to separate into Separate Nursing Homes for Lack of Space

The internet was lit ablaze this week after a picture of a Canadian couple that has been married for 62 years went viral, capturing their goodbyes after being forced to separate into different care homes because of lack of space at the facility in Surrey. There are fears that the Husband will forget who his wife is if they are not together. The family has also stated that their “their health care provider has not helped to improve their situation.” The family is grateful for the rallying and support they have found.

Kayla Mueller stood up to ISIS executioner Jihadi John and turned down chance to escape so she could help save Yazidi sex slaves

News broke this week of a young woman named Kayla Mueller, a doctor with Doctors without Borders, who went into Syria and was then taken prisoner by ISIS, being used as a sex slave. Although she was kidnapped in 2013 with her boyfriend and officially died last year, former captives and relatives are now recounting her bravery in the face of danger, refusing to escape in hopes of helping to rescue the captive sex slaves. A Documentary on Mueller’s life is set to air on 20/20 on ABC on August 26, 2016.