Round-Up Friday: Week of September 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton Health Scare turns out to be Pneumonia

The Internet was sent into frenzy when Hillary Clinton had to be taken and escorted to her car during the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Many debated what the cause of her exit was, before the campaign announced that it was Pneumonia. While many were debating the possibility of Clinton dropping out of the race due to her health, she hit the campaign trail once again and is expected to stay the nominee until the November elections.


North Dakota Violence Demonstrators create Community

The news of a “legal fight against the Dakota Access oil pipeline to protect sacred sites and a river that’s a source of water for millions of people” has created a stirring controversy over the cost of oil and the importance of tribal lands. It has also created a community of people camping out on the land in protest, where they are peacefully causing action.


Media Distrust at an all-time high

Although there has always been a slight distrust of the media, the numbers are now at an all-time high with only 32 percent of Americans sharing that they have a “great deal” or a “fair” trust of the media “to report the news fully, accurately and fairly,” an 8 percent decrease from last year. The highest trust level was 72 percent in in 1976, during substantial scandals such as Watergate.


Election 2016: The Race Heats Up

Recent polls highlighting the 2016 presidential election have the race set up to be a very tight race, with the candidates in a one-point race against each other. The polls are extremely tight, and according to the poll, “Hillary Clinton tops Donald Trump by just one point among likely voters in the four-way ballot.  In the head-to-head matchup, Trump’s up by one point.