Round-Up Friday: April 21st – 28th

Friday Roundup

Oklahoma and Oral Sex, Hospitals in Syria, China and NGO’s and Election Results this week in our Friday round-up.

Oklahoma and Oral Sex Rape Law Loophole (Vice News)

An Oklahoma court ruled that Oklahoma statues do not criminalize forcing an unconscious person to have oral sex. The ruling comes in a case involving two high school students. The both students had been drinking and smoking with eyewitness stating that the young girl was so intoxicated she was slipping in and out of consciousness. She was later taken to a hospital where a sexual assault exam was performed and found the young boy’s DNA on her. She stated that she had no memory of performing oral sex (his DNA was found around her mouth). The boy was charged with forcible sodomy but the Oklahoma court ruled that forcible sodomy cannot occur when the victim is so drunk that they are unconscious. Essentially stating that if you are completely wasted and forced to perform oral sex, the person forcing is not acting in an illegal manor and it is not rape. This ruling has led to a fury of reactions from rights groups all over the country.

China Passes Law Restricting Foreign NGO’s (NPR)

China recently passed a law that starting January 2017 all foreign NGO’s operating in China will:

  • Need to have an official Chinese sponsor or host
  • The NGO’s may not raise money in China
  • They are not allowed to conduct or fund political activities in China

The law gives the Chinese police the authority to, if they suspect illegal activity,

  • Shut down events hosted by the NGO’s
  • Inspect their offices
  • Inspect the NGO’s finances
  • Question staff at any time they like

There is concern that many foreign NGO’s operating in China will have to leave if they cannot comply with the above and the effect this will have on China’s civil society. There is also concern that this is breaking China’s legal commitment to freedom of association.

Airstrikes in Syria Hit Hospital (NPR)

Airstrikes in Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, on Wednesday night killed at least 20+ people including three doctors. The Syrian government as well as Russia have denied involvement in the attack, however, activists and Doctors Without Borders is concerned that the location of the hospital was well known and the bombing of it is in violation of the Geneva Convention. The hospital had an intensive care unit and an emergency room. There is suspicion that the Syrian government was behind it but there is no confirmation on that allegation.

Presidential Election Results (NYTimes)

The results from Tuesday’s primaries in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island are:


Clinton won Conn., Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania

Sanders won Rhode Island


Trump won all five

Trump is currently in the lead with a total of 954 delegates, while Clinton is in the lead with 1,663 delegates.