Round-Up Friday: Week of Sept. 23, 2016


Third Night of Protests in Charlotte, N.C. mostly Peaceful

The city of Charlotte, North Carolina has been under the mainstream news after the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott on Tuesday. The protests have incited both peaceful and violent protests, with one night resulting in the death of another person during the protests. The third day of protests have been much more peaceful, according to multiple news sources.


Yahoo! “State” Hackers stole data from nearly 500 million users

In what is being considered as possibly the biggest security breach made public in history, Yahoo announced that a hacking had taken place in 2014, which had taken names, addresses, e-mails and other encrypted personal information. The breach has only just been made public this Friday.


U.S. Ex-Officials and North Koreans quietly meet

With increasing tension between North Korea and the United States, U.S. ex-officials have been secretly meeting with North Koreans in order to discuss the policies and moves that have both countries in fear of each other, including the possibilities of the nuclear program. The move is being heralded as a move for diplomacy.


‘Fault in Our Stars’ couple dies 5 days apart

A young couple who fell in love on Facebook and were donned the “Fault in Our Stars” couple after the popular film recently suffered tragedy when 26 year-old Katie Prager died 5 days after the death of her husband, 25 year-old Dalton Prager. The couple married in 2011.