Round-Up Friday: Week of September 30, 2016


Presidential Debate Makes History; Surpasses previous debate watching by 16+ million viewers

The first presidential debate of the 2016 election cycle occurred on Monday, September 26 and highlighted the two candidates, Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. The debate was a firestorm of ideas, argument and back-to-back bickering, and did well in terms of viewing numbers, having outdone the 2012 debate by 16 million views.

USA Today breaks neutrality/non-endorsement tradition to support Hillary Clinton

The concept of neutralism and balanced reporting is one that is heavily embedded into the world of print and media journalism, but has recently become broken by USA Today, after they put out a “scathing” editorial supporting Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and calling Donald Trump “unfit for the presidency.”

108 Hurt and 1 Dead in tragic Hoboken Train Crash

A Train crash that occurred in Hoboken, New Jersey on Thursday has claimed the life of Fabiola Bittar de Kroon and has injured nearly 108 more, after what was described as an accident due to either accident or operator error. Reports are still early and the investigation is still underway.

Newly arrived Syrian Refugee saves Bride’s wedding day by fixing her Wedding Dress

Headlines were made on Thursday when Ibrahim Halil Dudu’s good deed went viral, after helping to fix a Canadian bride’s dress after the zipper had broken. Wedding photographer Lindsay Coulter shared the image on her Facebook page, where it went viral.