Round-Up Friday: Week of February 10, 2017

9th Circuit Rules against Trump Travel Ban

In a ruling delivered Thursday, the three judges that reside over the Ninth Circuit ruled against the Trump Travel Ban, allowing for travel to continue in between and to and from the seven Muslim countries and the United States. The move is being upheld as a challenge to President Trump’s policy changes, and according to the article, “Trump immediately tweeted his reaction to the ruling: “SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!”

Betsy DeVos officially named Secretary of Education

Despite momentous amounts of criticism and protests, Betsy DeVos was officially sworn in as the new Secretary of Education on Tuesday, February 7. The confirmation was cutthroat, with a 50-50 vote being reached, and a tiebreaker in favor of DeVos being added in by Vice President Mike Pence. According to the article, “It was the first time a vice president’s tie-breaking vote was needed to confirm a presidential Cabinet appointment.”

Jeff Sessions sworn in as Attorney General

Following the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education, another controversial confirmation was reached when Jeff Sessions was officially sworn in as the new Attorney General on Wednesday. The ceremony was held on the following Thursday morning, where he was sworn in by both the President and the Vice-President. According to the article, “President Trump, in opening remarks, praised Sessions as “a man of integrity, a man of principle and a man of total, utter resolve.”

Angela Merkel to boost deportation of Asylum Migrants/Refugees

In news coming out of Germany, Prime Minister Angela Merkel has begun to release her plan to increase the deportation of Asylum Migrants that have been rejected. According to the article, “Mrs. Merkel is to put forward a 16-point plan to speed up the deportation of rejected asylum-seekers, according to Spiegel magazine.” The move comes during Germany’s election year, in which her opponent has gained a rush of support, coming off as a method of gaining favorability before the German election on September 24.